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oZone3D.Net's Tutorials

.: OpenGL, GLSL, Lua, Direct3D, GPU :.

1 - GLSL Programming Tutorials

 Fog with GLSL
  Fog implementation using GLSL - Use of gl_FogFragCoord, gl_FragCoord, gl_FogCoord and gl_Fog variables.

 How to bypass a Catalyst 7.11/7.12 GLSL Bug
  This article shows a workaround of a GLSL bug present in the Catalyst drivers 7.11 and 7.12.

 Mesh Deformers
  Two examples of mesh deformers using the GPU: surface deformer and mesh twister.

 The Art of Texturing using the GLSL
  This tutorial shows the common techniques of texturing and their implementation with GLSL (simple and multtexturing, sphere mapping, dual paraboloid mapping, cube mapping, texture warping, projective texture mapping).

 Vertex Displacement Mapping
  Explanation of the vertex displacement mapping technique to deform a mesh using a texture look up from a vertex shader.

 Normal-Map Compression
  The problem of normal-map (or bump-map) compression and how to solve it (renormalization - swizzled-DXT5 - ATI 3Dc).

 Lighting in GLSL - Phong Model
  This article presents the Phong lighting model and its implementation in GLSL for point and spot lights.

 The Mandelbrot Set: Colors of Infinity
  Theory and implementation on GPU with GLSL of Mandelbrot fractal rendering. Introduction to GPGPU.

 Image Filtering
  Image filtering and GLSL filters implementation (convolution kernels).

 Ambient Occlusion Lighting
  Présentation of ambient occlusion lighting technique. Occlusion-maps creation. Ambient occlusion GLSL shader.

 Bump Mapping
  Bump mapping implementation using GLSL shader. Lighting equations. Tangent space.

  Presentation and creation of normal-maps (or bump-maps).

 S3TC Texture Compression
  Texture compression (S3TC - DXT1/5) and how use it in Demoniak3D.

 Introduction to GLSL
  This tutorial presents the basis about GLSL shading language. GLSL shader integration into Demoniak3D.

2 - Lua Programming

 LUA Socket Lib and Coroutines
  This tutorial shows how to use the LUA socket lib to setup a TCP/IP Server and how to use coroutines for handle the server infinite loop.

 LUA Coding
  Basis about LUA programming. Variables, tests, structures, functions.

3 - Graphics Cards and GPUs Architecture

 NVIDIA G80: Architecture and GPU Analysis
  The french translation of Beyond3D's article.

 3D Pipeline of SM3/DX9 Graphics Controllers
  A complete review of the 3d pipeline of SM3/DX9 graphics controllers.

 Graphics Controllers
  An introduction to graphics controllers.

4 - OpenGL / Direct3D Programming

 How To Load and Display an Image with DevIL and OpenGL
  This tutorial shows how to load an image file with DevIL 1.7.5 and use it as a texture in OpenGL. Demo binaries as well as source code are provided.

 ForceWare 181.00: Five New OpenGL Extensions and How To Create an OpenGL 3.0 Rendering Context
  Here is a short tutorial about how to create an OpenGL 3.0 rendering context with the latest ForceWare 181.00 graphics drivers. This article also lists the five new OpenGL extensions exposed by ForceWare 181.00..

 ForceWare 180.42 OpenGL Extensions and New Features
  The new OpenGL extensions exposed ForceWare 180.42 graphics drivers.

 Catalyst 8.10 OpenGL Extensions and New Features
  The new OpenGL extensions exposed Catalyst 8.10 graphics drivers.

 ForceWare 177.89 and OpenGL 3.0
  The new OpenGL 3.0 extensions. Creation of an OpenGL 3.0 rendering context.

 Geometry Instancing
  A review of geometry instancing techniques in OpenGL.

 NVIDIA G80: OpenGL Programming
  The new things brought by the NVIDIA's G80 GPU in the OpenGL Programming.

 OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects
  The Complete Guide Of OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO).

 RaptorGL: introduction
  This article aims to quickly introduce you to RaptorGL and showing a simple example of how to use it.

 D3D / GL Tuto 01
  3D window initialization. Gouraud triangle rendering.

 D3D / GL Tuto 02
  Mesh loadingmesh. Wireframe rendering.

 D3D / GL Tuto 03
  Lit mesh rendering. Lighting.

 D3D / GL Tuto 04
  Textured mesh rendering. Texturing

 D3D / GL Tuto 05
  Lit and textured mesh rendering.

 D3D / GL Tuto 07
  Blending and transparency.

 D3D / GL Tuto 08

 D3D / GL Tuto 09
  Stencil buffer and viewport.

 D3D / GL Tuto 10
  Spherical environment mapping and stencil buffer.

 D3D / GL Tuto 11
  Vertical synchronization.

 D3D / GL Tuto 12
  Alpha test.

 D3D / GL Tuto 13
  Shows the use of DevIL library for image loading.

 D3D / GL Tuto 14
  Shows how to use C++ 3D models exported from LynX 3D Viewer. Specular highlights.

 D3D / GL Tuto 15
  Shows how to load a compressed texture and how to setup the trilinear filtering.

 D3D / GL Tuto 16
  Shows how to use the VBO (Vertex buffer Object) and the GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language).

5 - Demoniak3D Programming

 Demoniak3D Basis - HyperGraphs
  Basic notions for programming 3D scenes with Demoniak3D. HyperGraphs.

 Demoniak3D in a nutshell
  Global overview of Demoniak3D.

 Demoniak3D LUA Host-API
  Initiation to Demoniak3D LUA host-api. Example of dynamic real time 3D scenes.

 Structure of Scene 3D Objects
  Anatomy and common features of Demoniak3D scene 3D objects.

 Shadow Volumes
  All about stencil shadow volumes and their use in Demoniak3D.

 CD or DVD box Creation
  This tutorial shows how to create a DVD box for your illustrations.

 Introduction to NovodeX Physics Engine
  Basis of NovodeX physics engine. Shows how to use it in a simple Demoniak3D scene.

6 - Demoscene

 Introduction to demoscene
  Introduction to demoscene and demomakers's world.

 Suffocate 01
  A demoscene-like product coded with Demoniak3D.

GeeXLab demos

GLSL - Mesh exploder

PhysX 3 cloth demo

Normal visualizer with GS

Compute Shaders test on Radeon

Raymarching in GLSL

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