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>GPU Memory Speed Demystified

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>GeForce and Radeon OpenCL Overview

>How to Get your Multi-core CPU Busy at 100%

>How To Make a VGA Dummy Plug

>Night Vision Post Processing Filter

PhysX FluidMark
Current version: 1.5.4
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Current version: 0.3.0
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About oZone3D.Net

oZone3D.Net is a website focused on real time 3D and is the home of some popular tools like FurMark or GPU Caps Viewer.

The Team

Identification: Jerome 'JeGX' Guinot
Role: Founder of oZone3D.Net. Lead programmer and maintainer. Tutorials. Demos. Webmaster.
Contact: jegx [at] ozone3d [dot] net
Other URLs:

Advertising & Sponsoring

The oZone3D.Net website offers advertising opportunities. oZone3D.Net is visited by thousands of people throughout the world: computer graphics and 3D technology enthusiasts, software developers, artists and power users, gamers, scientists and students.

If you think your product would be of interest to our community and wish to promote it here, contact us at jegx_AT_ozone3d_DOT_net with the details of your project and proposed advertisement for more information.

Are you a hardware distributor or re-seller? Are you interested in sponsoring us? Well, here's your chance. We regularly need hardware stuff, especially graphics controllers, in order to develop tutorials and demos featuring the latest graphics techniques. This is necessary for upgrading our softwares (GPU Caps Viewer, FurMark) which is of major importance for being always up to date regarding the highest improvements achieved by the 3D graphics industry. In exchange of a donation or a lending, we offer a free exposure to our sponsors for their generosity! Do not hesitate to contact us.

GeeXLab demos

GLSL - Mesh exploder

PhysX 3 cloth demo

Normal visualizer with GS

Compute Shaders test on Radeon

Raymarching in GLSL

>Texture DataPack #1
>Asus Silent Knight CPU Cooler
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