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GIGABYTE ATI Radeon X1950 XTX - GPU R580+

Last Update: February 02, 2007

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1 - X1950 XTX: Introduction

2 - X1950 XTX: Packaging

3 - X1950 XTX: Anatomy

4 - X1950 XTX: Tests/ Benchmarks - Setup

5 - X1950 XTX: Features

6 - X1950 XTX: OpenGL / Direct3D Caps

7 - X1950 XTX: Useful Links

8 - X1950 XTX: Benchmarks - 3DMark Series

9 - X1950 XTX: Benchmarks - oZone3D Synthetic Benchmarks

10 - X1950 XTX: Benchmarks - ArchMark

11 - X1950 XTX: Benchmarks - GunMetal

12 - X1950 XTX: Benchmarks - DroneZmarK

13 - X1950 XTX: Benchmarks - GL Excess

14 - X1950 XTX: Benchmarks - SPECviewperf 9

1 - X1950 XTX: Introduction

This new entry in our database is devoted to the Radeon X1950 XTX video controller. Thanks to our sponsor GIGABYTE for sending us one. The X1950 XTX is actually the flagship GIGABYTE video cards based on an AMD/ATI Radeon R580+ GPU. We take advantage of this card in order to establish a new manner in presenting the features of a video controller. The GPUs database of oZone3D.Net is not intended to perform comparative tests but rather to gather as many informations as possible regarding the video card. This data gathering includes:

  • general characteristics (number of transistors, GPU type , frequencies, etc.)
  • anatomy and bundle
  • results obtained through usual benchmarks
  • results shown by some analysis tools such as ArchMark, RivaTuner or ATITool
  • listing of links pointing to other websites featuring articles / tests / comparative tests of the video controller

The R580+ GPU mainly differs from the R580 in the way it handles a DDR4 graphic memory. The DDR4 memory, built by ATI, is the brand new feature of this video card. The GIGABYTE X1950 XTX is provided with 512Mb graphic memory, which is from far sufficient for most of the current real time 3D.

The GIGABYTE X1950 XTX, with its R5xx series GPU, is a DX9/SM3 class video controller: DirectX9 / Shader Model 3.0. It will therefore not be compatible with the next 3D applications based on the new DirectX 10 and the SM4.0 shaders. As we are already into the year 2007, we can observe on the specialized websites, the first Shader Model 4.0 programming tutorials (particularly the geometry-shaders). But don't worry, before seeing most of the games and 3D applications seriously exploiting the architecture of the DX10/SM4 video cards, you'll have time to go through your X1950XTX.



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