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Free Softwares and GPU Utilities

1 - OpenGL Stress Tests and Benchmarks

» ShaderToyMark
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  0.3.0

OpenGL 2 benchmark based on hefty pixel shaders and requiring a lot of GPU power processing.

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» TessMark
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  0.3.0

OpenGL 4 benchmark focused on GPU tessellation (Radeon HD 5000 and up or GeForce GTX 400 and up).

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» PhysX FluidMark
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.5.2

OpenGL 2 Benchmark using NVIDIA PhysX engine to perform fluid simulation.

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» FurMark
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.18.0

OpenGL 2 Benchmark stressing the vertex and pixel processors by doing fur rendering. Very handy to quickly benchmark a graphics card.

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» Surface Deformer Benchmark
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.0.4

OpenGL 2 Benchmark stressing the vertex pipelines by deforming a mesh plane made of 2 millions triangles and 1 million vertices. Very handy to quickly benchmark a graphics card.

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» Soft Shadows Benchmark
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.5.4

OpenGL 2 Benchmark stressing the pixel pipelines by rendering a scene with soft shadows using a 7x7 kernel filter. Very handy to quickly benchmark a graphics card.

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2 - CPU Benchmarks

» AOGen CPU Benchmark
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.1.2

AOGen CPU Benchmark is a tiny command line tool that allows you to benchmark your brand new CPU. Being multi-threading, AOGen CPU Burner is perfectly adapted to benchmark the new generation of multi-core CPUs.

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3 - GPU Utilities

» GPU Caps Viewer
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.31.0

GPU Caps Viewer is a freeware utility that quickly describes the essential capabilities of your graphics card/GPU including GPU type, amount of VRAM , OpenGL API support level, OpenGL API extensions database and general system configuration, as well as a GPU-Stress-Test functionality (GPU-Burner).

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» GPU Shark
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  0.9.10

GPU Shark is a free and lightweight GPU monitoring utility for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD/ATI Radeon graphics cards.

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» DXTViewer
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.1.0

DXTViewer is a compressed texture viewer. It allows the user to visualize Direct Draw Surface file (*.DDS) and can save all usual formats (*.bmp, *.jpg, *.tga, ...) into DDS or O3TC (oZone3D compressed format) formats. O3TC format can be directly loaded in Demoniak3D demos.

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» LynX 3D Viewer Lite
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.5.2

LynX 3D Viewer Lite Edition is a very convenient and free 3D objects viewer using OpenGL for hardware acceleration. You can load classic file formats such as *.3DS, *.ASE, *.OBJ or *.FBX. You can analyze meshes and materials or export model in POVRay, YAFRay, or C/C++ code fragment format. LynX 3D Viewer is powered by the oZone3D Engine.

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4 - Demotool

» Demoniak3D Demo-System
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.23.0

Demoniak3D is a new fast and highly interactive 3D software that is ideal for quick prototyping and design of real time 3D applications. Demoniak3D's principle is very simple: it woks as a virtual machine that execute a 3D scene description code.

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» Camera Path Editor
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  0.9.6

Camera Path Editor is a free 3D spline editor. It allows to quickly create complex motion-paths based on Bezier curves...

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» AOGen
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.0.2

AOGen is a tiny command line tool that allows you to generate per vertex occlusion data (bent-vector and occlusion factor) from 3D model.

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5 - System Utilitiles

» UPXGui
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  1.1.0

UPXGui is a Graphical User Interface for the executable packer UPX.

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Licence:  Freeware
Version:  0.1.0

MyFTP is a simple FTP client that has for the while only one purpose: send a file on a FTP server...

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» XpConfigurator
Licence:  Freeware
Version:  0.5.0

XpConfigurator is a tiny Windows XP tweaker.

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