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Demoniak3D Kool Fire


Fire Demo - Demoniak3D Source Code And Win32 Exe - zip archive - (4.1M)
Release date: January 25, 2007
Update: January 14, 2008
For any bug report or feedback, please send an email to info [AT] ozone3d [DOT] net and add "[DEMO FEEDBACK]" to the subject. Vous can also post your feedbacks in the demo's topic: Demoniak3D WIP - My Kool Fire.

Recommended configuration:
  • Operating System: Windows XP SP1 or SP2
  • Processor: Pentium III or AMD Athlon and up processor - 800 MHz and up.
  • Memory: 1Gb RAM and up
  • Graphics Controller: ATI Radeon 9700 and up (with the latest Catalyst drivers) or GeForce 6600 and up (with the latest Forceware drivers)
  • Resolution: 1280x1024 - 32 bits/pixel


The idea of this small fire animation comes from the following demo: shaderx-5-demo-codeexe-shadows. I took some textures from Aurelio Reis's demo and coded the animation for the simple reason I found the fire really cool. Et voilą, that's all for the story...

Instructions for use:
This demo requires an OpenGL 1.5 compliant graphics card. Unzip the archive and start DEMO_SmokeAndFire.exe. That's all folk!

The demo's source code is located in the DEMO_SmokeAndFire.xml file.

And as usual, if you want to experience realtime 3d coding, just go there: Demoniak3D Demo-System Home Page

Author Profile

Contact:jegx [at] ozone3d [dot] net

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