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[:: Demoniak3D Repository ::]

Demoniak3D ChangeLog

[::Release 1.23.0 - 2008/04/28::]
  • New: added new Lua lib for dealing with directories: LuaFileSystem 1.4.0. You can use this lib via the lfs object. For example to get the current dir, just write cur_dir = lfs.currentdir().
  • New: added new functions to deal with VBQuad in HYP_Mesh lib: VBQuad_Create(), VBQuad_Destroy(), VBQuad_SetQuadVertexUV() and VBQuad_GetQuadVertexUV(). (see here).
  • New: added calculator element in demoniak3d-config.xml in order to specify the full path to your favorite calculator program (see here).
  • New: added new attribute to scene node: use_window_offset. If you set it to FALSE, you can reload a scene without affecting the window position (see here).
  • Bugfix: watermark was always displayed in Demoniak3D_Player.

[::Release 1.22.0 - 2008/03/16::]
  • New: added HYP_Scene.FboSetMultipleRenderTargets().
  • Bugfix: in HYP_Input.SetMousePos() - x coord was copied into y.

[::Release 1.21.0 - 2008/02/26::]
  • New: added GetPitch(), GetYaw(), GetRoll(), GetAbsolutePitch(), GetAbsoluteYaw() and GetAbsoluteRoll() to HYP_Object lib. (see here).
  • New: added SetMousePos() to HYP_Input lib (see here).
  • New: added CreateGizmo() and DestroyGizmo() to HYP_Object lib (see here)
  • New: added Destroy() to HYP_Object lib.
  • Bugfix: in lens flare engine. In some situations (for instance camera behind the light source and mesh in front of light source) the flares were not displayed. Thanks to John Difool for this bug-report.
  • Bugfix: tangent space vectors are now properly updated after averaging normals with average_normals attribute of mesh node (see here.)

[::Release 1.20.0 - 2008/02/04::]

[::Release 1.19.1 - 2008/01/27::]
  • Bugfix: fixed another vicious bug in VBO management (in the renderer) when switching from object using VBO to object not using VBO. Thanks to truf in forum for pointing this out.
  • Bugfix: french characters management in audio, model, texture, shader_program, script and skybox nodes.
  • Bugfix: fixed a vicious bug in mipmapping management that occured on ATI only.
  • Bugfix: in some cases, the wrong demoniak3d-config.xml was read. Now only the config file of Demoniak3D is read.

[::Release 1.19.0 - 2008/01/18::]
  • New: added SetDefaultSleepLinVelSquared(), SetDefaultSleepAngVelSquared() and SetBounceThreshold() to HYP_Nx_Physics lib.
  • Change: Demoniak3D config file renamed to demoniak3d-config.xml.
  • Bugfix: in HYP_Camera.MakeScreenshot(): a dialog box with the image path was displayed. This dialog box is displayed only when user does a screenshot by clicking on the "Make Screenshot" of the Tools menu.
  • Bugfix: in the control of VSYNC. The changes made in the version 1.18.0 broke the VSYNC control.
  • Bugfix: in the control of MSAA. The changes made in the version 1.18.0 broke the MSAA control.
  • Bugfix: french characters management in the text attribute of element of node.
  • Bugfix: french characters management in the recent files functionality. recent_files.conf has been renamed in recent_files.xml for handy reasons (xml highlighting in notepad++ for example).

[::Release 1.18.0 - 2008/01/15::]
  • New: added HYP_Camera.SetBkgColor().
  • New: added element to camera node and HYP_Camera.SetBkgColor(). These functionalities are useful several cameras are active in the same time.
  • New: added file version information.
  • Bugfix: in multiple viewports/cameras refresh.
  • Change: small change in the support of o3mff format.

[::Release 1.17.0 - 2007/12/20::]
  • New: added Create and Destroy to HYP_Hud lib.
  • New: added HYP_Material.GetTextureId().
  • New: added HYP_Scene.GetWindowSize().
  • New: added the support of 32-bit RGBA texture loading.
  • New: the scene root node is now . But compatibility with old root node is kept.
  • New: added use_ppu atribute in scene node.
  • New: configuration file is now renamed as demoniak3d.conf
  • New: Hyperion name is no longer valid. The new name is Demoniak3D!!!
  • New: added new functions to HYP_Nx_Physics lib: GetPhysXEngineVersion(), SetTimingParams(), AddMeshActorToScene().
  • New: added Enable() and Disable() functions to HYP_GPUShader lib.
  • Change: a message box is displayed with the full filename of the screenshot at the end of "Make Screenshot" (Tools menu).
  • Change: HYP_PhysX is the new name of HYP_Nx_Physics lib. Actually, both names are valid.
  • Change: improved multiple viewports/cameras management.
  • Bugfix: minor bugs in the 3d engine.
  • Bugfix: in PhysX joints management (destruction).
  • Bugfix: HYP_Mesh.CreatePlane() fixed.

[::Release 1.16.0 - 2007/11/14::]
  • New: added more than 20 new functions to the Ageia PhysX lib (HYP_Nx_Physics) to deal with joints. See this page for detail.
  • New: added IsTypeOf() and GetParent() to HYP_Object lib.
  • New: added startup_width and startup_height attributes in startup element of hyperion.conf file. These 2 attributes allow to set the size of the window at Hyperion startup.
  • New: added [Open with Hyperion3D] in the context menu of Explorer (see Tools menu and "Add Hyperion To Explorer").
  • New: added HYP_GetHyperionVersion() in Hyperion LUA API.
  • Changed: now, if an Ageia PhysX hardware is present, the PPU is used by Hyperion!

[::Release 1.15.1 - 2007/11/08::]
  • Fixed: vertex normals computation for model node has been removed by mistake. Now it's okay. Sorry!
  • Changed: the blog url is now

[::Release 1.15.0 - 2007/11/06::]
  • New: supports now the oZone3D XML format with multiple uv map per vertex. This XML model format can be generated with an export plugin for 3D Studio MAX.
  • New: added new web links (Hyperion's homepage, blog and forum).
  • New: old help file is no longer available. Now you can access to online help here. You can open the online help page from the Help menu | Online Reference Guide.
  • New: added the support of MySQL 4.x databases via the luaSQL MySQL driver.
  • New: added the support of ODBC-compliant databases via the luaSQL ODBC driver.
  • New: added the support of luaSQL.
  • New: added check for new version at Hyperion startup.
  • New: now you have the possibility to specify what lights can be a source for shadow volume using the xml attrib shadow_emitter of the light node. You can also set this state in LUA with HYP_Lighting.SetShadowEmitterState().
  • New: added InitMirror() to HYP_Mesh lib.
  • New: added SetReflectionState() and GetReflectionState() to HYP_Object lib.
  • New: added reflection attribute to mesh node.
  • New: added FlipVertical() and FlipHorizontal() to HYPE_Texture lib.
  • New: added LoadTex2DAbsPath() and LoadTex2DAviAbsPath() to HYPE_Texture lib.
  • New: added SetPerspectiveView() and SetOrthographicView() to HYP_Camera lib.
  • New: added HYP_Camera.GetActive() to get the active camera.
  • Fixed: HYP_Texture.GetDimensions(): now returns dimensions for dynamically loaded textures.
  • Fixed: added camera viewport size test.
  • Fixed: HYP_Camera.SetTarget(): second arg is now correctly checked.
  • Fixed: HYP_Object.GetNameFromId() returns "_NULL_" if the identifier is invalid.
  • Fixed: HYP_Lighting.GetSpotCutOff() now returns the right value.
  • Fixed: texture flipping no longer allowed for compressed textures.

[::Release 1.14.1 - 2006/12/19::]
  • Bugfix: in primitive node. The orientation element had an impact on billboarding state. Now you can correctly control the orientation of an primitive.

[::Release 1.14.0 - 2006/11/21::]
  • Feature: added rotation of particle along z axis for all particle system emitters.
  • Feature: the Alias Wavefront OBJ loader has been rewritten from scratch. Now it works very fine.
  • Feature: added Make Screenshot to the Tools menu.
  • Feature: added LoadXml function to HYP_Scene lib. This function allows to load a full scene from a regular xml file.
  • Feature: added the use_user_transformation attribute to the model node. This attribute allows to disable the use of the transformation elements: position / orientation and scale. This can be useful with o3mff models which have their own transformation matrix already initialized.
  • Feature: added HYP_GetElapsedTimeSeconds() and HYP_GetElapsedTimeMilliSeconds() in LUA host-api.
  • Feature: added ComputeNormals(), AverageNormals() and ComputeTangentSpace() to HYP_Object lib. Mainly used with model and mesh objects.
  • Feature: added GetIdFromName() to the HYP_Sound LUA lib.
  • Feature: added SetViewport and GetViewport to the HYP_Camera lib.
  • Feature: added average_vertices_normals attribute to loading_option element of model node.
  • Feature: added compute_normals and compute_tangent_space attributes to the model node.
  • Feature: added compute_normals and compute_tangent_space attributes to the mesh node.
  • Feature: added make_screenshots attribute to node scene.
  • Change: improved the internal timer. But on some systems (Intel Core 2 Duo for instance) there are still some timer leaps. This bug is known by Microsoft (see On AMD X2 based systems, the timer works very fine!
  • Bugfix: in help file: all sound functions take either a name or an id as first param
  • Bugfix: in the registering of plugins. Now particle system plugins are properly registered.

[::Release 1.13.1 - 2006/10/31::]
  • Bugfix: in the dual core management: now the hyperion's main thread always runs on the CPU 0.

[::Release 1.13.0 - 2006/10/29::]
  • Feature: now you can add Hyperion to the Explorer context menu (see the Tools menu) in order to quickly load *.xml and *.h3d scene files.
  • Feature: now free version can load hyperion binary scene format. This scene binary format is generated from the commercial version only. The new extension for the binary scene format is *.h3d. File association is done by using the Hyperion win32 installer (free, indie and pro versions).
  • Change: screen resolution limited to 1280x1024 for free version only.
  • Bugfix: the hyperion log file is now always created in hyperion root directory.

[::Release 1.12.0 - 2006/10/20::]
  • Feature: added VBQuad_SortFacesInCameraSpace() to HYP_Mesh lib.
  • Feature: added the support of multiple texture coordinates set per vertex in the oZone3D XML model format. This format can be easily generated from your favorite modelling software (with a little scripting). See more information about this format at
  • Change: replaced the error message box that appears when the demo uses a wrong fullscreen resolution by a a warning to the log file.
  • Removal: removed the support of gui_button. This old-feature can be easily replaced using HYP_Input mouse functions.

[::Release 1.11.0 - 2006/10/17::]
  • Feature: added AbsoluteToLocal() to HYP_Object lib.
  • Feature: added SetAlphaMappedState() to HYP_Object lib. Now an object can be sorted in camera space before rendering. The rendering of such objects happens after the opaque meshes one.
  • Feature: added SetDepthBufferWritingState() function to HYP_Object lib.
  • Change: improved the skybox working mainly when used with reflection.
  • Change: updated with oZone3D engine v2.20.0.
  • Change the lua virtual machine stack dump. Now only the stack of assert() and error() functions of lua is traced if you set the dump_lua_vm_stack of scene node. The trace is logged in the hyperion_lua_stack_dump.txt file. This feature is available in the commercial version only.
  • Remove the render_list_type attribute of mesh node.
  • Remove the SetRenderingListType() function from HYP_Mesh lib.

[::Release 1.10.0 - 2006/10/05::]
  • Feature: added dump_lua_vm_stack attrib to scene node to enable lua stack dumping. The stack dumping is logged to a trace file called hyperion_lua_vm_dump.txt. This feature is available in the commercial version only.
  • Feature. added a new attribute render_list_type to mesh node to specify the order of rendering: background, foreground or normal. Currently only works with opaque meshes (opacty==1.0). Added also the LUA function to set this type: HYP_Mesh.SetRenderingListType().
  • Feature: added the depth_test attribute to mesh node in order to enable/disable depth testing for some meshes.
  • Feature: possibility to enable/disable traces (log file) by setting the trace_level attribute to NONE in the hyperion.conf file.
  • Changed: slightly improved the camera collision code. This code is executed when you set camera_collision="TRUE" in the model or mesh node. If collision is detectec, the camera is positioned to the last valid position.
  • Bugfix: in hotkey. The lua script attached to a hotkey was never executed.

[::Release 1.9.1 - 2006/10/01::]
  • Bugfix: in drag'n'drop files.
  • Bugfix: in multitexturing management (the texture of the hyperion logo was not displayed properly if the last object was rendered with multitexturing).

[::Release 1.9.0 - 2006/09/21::]
  • Feature: added the support of the new O3MFF format. An O3MFF file can be generated with HyperView3D, the new 3d viewer based on the new oZone3D engine (see
  • Feature: added the support of gl_PointSize in GLSL. Now you can use gpu-shaders with vertex pool object (point sprite based rendering).
  • Feature: added SetPickingState() and GetPickingState() functions to HYP_Object lib.
  • Change: slightly improved host-API speed by removing some valadity checks (HYP_Object, HYP_Camera, HYP_GPUShader, HYP_Input, HYP_VertexPool, HYP_Scene and HYP_Mesh). So you have to check yourself the correctness of the functions's inputs.
  • Change: improved the working of FBO (framebuffer object).
  • Bugfix: in GetFaceNormal() and GetFaceCenterPosition() of HYP_Mesh. These functions returned bad values.
  • Bugfix: in HYP_Mesh.VBQuad_SetQuadVertexPosition() and HYP_Mesh.VBQuad_SetQuadVertexColor(). Now vertex buffer objecdt is correctly updated.
  • Bugfix: in HYP_Mesh.CastRay() function. Now returns results correctly.
  • Removal: the npp++ text editor access. This allows to reduce the packaging size.

[::Release 1.8.1 - 2006/09/07::]
  • Bugfix: in the default scene splashscreen and Hyperion logo loading when no texture plugin is available. Now Hyperion can't start if the texture loaders are missing (free version only).

[::Release 1.8.0 - 2006/09/03::]
  • Feature: added AllocArray_{1|2|3|4}{f|i}v, SetArrayElement_{1|2|3|4}{f|i}v to HYP_GPUShader lib. These finctions allow to pass uniform arrays to GLSL shaders.
  • Feature: added SetConstant_2i, SetConstant_3i and SetConstant_4i to HYP_GPUShader lib.
  • Feature: added element constant_2i, constant_3i and constant_4i to shader_program XML node.
  • Feature: Added Activate and Desactivate functions to HYP_GPUShader lib.
  • Feature: add gain control in OpenAL plugin so you can now control the volume using HYP_Sound.SetVolume().
  • Feature: added mipmapping attribute to texture node in order to enable or disable mipmapping.
  • Removal: SLI initialization in oZone3D engine startup. The SLI mode can be easily configured in the nVidia control panel. The SLI initialization was responsable for the transitory black screen at the Hyperion startup.
  • Bugfix: in HYP_Object.Check_AABB_Collision() and HYP_Object.Check_BS_Collision() functions. Now collisions between bounding volumes are correctly performed.
  • Bugfix: in model sun mesh bounding sphere rendering.

[::Release 1.7.0 - 2006/07/07::]
  • Feature: added new pixel format to texture node in order to deal with Windows DIB format which inverts the red and the blue channel. This new format improves AVI files processing speed.

[::Release 1.6.0 - 2006/06/27::]
  • Feature: added keyboard shortcuts: CTRL+O (Load Scene), CTRL+R (Reload Scene) and CTRL+D (Display debug window).
  • Feature: added fullscreen attribute to the window_size element of scene node in order to control the switching of full screen mode.
  • Feature: added width_offset and height_offset attributes to the window_size element of scene node. Now you can control the postion where the window appears in windowed mode.
  • Feature: addded play_avi attribute to texture node and PlayStopAVI to HYP_Texture lua lib.
  • Feature: added GetAVINumFrames, GetAVIMpf, GetAVICurrentTime, SetAVICurrentFrame and GetAVICurrentFrame to HYP_Texture lua lib. With these functions you can implement simple playback controls.
  • Feature: added LoadTex2DAvi function to HYP_Texture lua lib.
  • Feature: addded SetVertexPosition_Fast, GetVertexPosition_Fast, SetVertexColor_Fast, GetVertexColor_Fast and SetArray to HYP_VertexPool lua lib.
  • Feature: added VBQuad_SetQuadVertexPosition, VBQuad_GetQuadVertexPosition, VBQuad_SetQuadVertexColor, VBQuad_GetQuadVertexColor to HYP_Mesh lua lib.
  • Feature: added a fast version of some lua functions such as SetVertexPosition_Fast, SetVertexColor_Fast, SetVertexUVCoords_Fast. See the reference guide for more details.
  • Change: SetTexCoordsTiling, SetTexCoordsOffset and ScaleVertices of HYP_Mesh lib are now based on the original vertices list allowing an accurate control of vertices transformation.
  • Change: added version_patch attribute to hyperion node in order to check with accuracy the hyperion version.
  • Bugfix: in HYP_Debug.Trace() when param had a nil value. Now a warning is written in the log file.
  • Bugfix: in HYP_texture.Destroy() and HYP_Object.ClearAllMaterials(). Now textures having an AVI stream are correctly destroyed.

[::Release 1.5.0 - 2006/06/08::]
  • Feature: added GetRayOriginAndDirection function to HYP_Scene lib.
  • Feature: added HYP_Project3DTo2D and HYP_Project2DTo3D functions to lua hostAPI.
  • Feature: added GetProjectionMatrix and GetViewMatrix function to HYP_Camera lib.

[::Release 1.4.1 - 2006/05/14::]
  • Change: in scene node: number of cache warming up cycles set to 1 by default.
  • Bugfix: with OpenAL plugin: can load .wav files only.
  • Bugfix: with lib include (): the version was not used. Now works as like the main hyperion node.

[::Release 1.4.0 - 2006/05/05::]
  • Feature: added the LuaSocket library 2.0.1. You can now access to this powerful library using the 'socket' lib directly in LUA like any other LUA libs (math, string, io, etc).
  • Feature: added run_in_new_thread attribute to script node. Now you can start a lua script in a new thread (real os thread). In some cases like for tcp servers, it may be very usefuf!
  • Feature: add new kind of lua script: true initialization scripts. Their run_mode is INIT. These scripts are executed once before all other scripts, especially before scripts with EXECUTE_ONCE run_mode.
  • Feature: add the create_new_child_state in script node. Nothing special but allows to create a new lua child state for a given script. May be useful in some case (coroutines).
  • Feature: added SetDefaultInputManagementState function to HYP_Input lib. This function allows you to completely bypass the Hyperion fixed input functions (keyboard, mouse and joystick) and replace them by yours (in LUA script).
  • Feature: added a new LUA lib to handle a pool of vertices: HYP_VertexPool lib. With this new lib you can reprogramming, for instance, you own particle system.
  • Feature: added many new functions in HYP_Object and HYP_Primitive libs.
  • Feature: Added new function to HYP_Sound lib to load and unload a sound file.
  • Feature: add update_shader_mode attribute to primitive and model node. May be useful with hierarchies.
  • Feature: added AttachTexture, DetachTexture, SetShaderProgram and SetShaderProgramForAmbientPass functions to HYP_Material lib.
  • Feature: added new functions to HYP_Lighting lib to navigate through the lights list: GetNumLights, GetIdByIndex, GetNameByIndex, GetId and GetName.
  • Feature: added new functions to HYP_Material lib to navigate through the materials list: GetNumMaterials, GetIdByIndex, GetNameByIndex, GetId and GetName.
  • Feature: added new functions to HYP_Camera lib to navigate in the cameras list: GetNumCameras, GetIdByIndex, GetNameByIndex, GetId and GetName.
  • Feature: add a new LUA lib for audio playlist management: HYP_Playlist.
  • Feature: added new vertex attrib option to HYP_Hud.PopVertices and HYP_Hud.PushVertices functions.
  • Feature added SetLineVertexPosition, GetLineVertexPosition, SetLineVertexColor and GetLineVertexColor to HYP_Primitive lua lib.
  • Feature: added trace_level attribute in startup_params node of the hyperion.conf file. By setting this param to DEBUG, you can display more detailled information in the hyperion log file. Default value is NORMAL.
  • Feature: added LUA runtime error. If a runtime error is detected, a message error is displayed and the script is disabled.
  • Feature: added SetTexCoordsTiling and SetTexCoordsOffset to HYP_Mesh lib.
  • Feature: added SetTransformMatrix / GetTransformMatrix functions to HYP_Texture lib.
  • Feature: added a trace_level attribute un the configuration file in order to display more detailed log in case of problem.
  • Feature: added HYP_GetHyperionDir function to lua host-api to retrieve Hyperion's directory.
  • Change: due to the previous change in model, the mesh has the lighting state set to TRUE by default for compatibility needs with old scripts.
  • Change: now the model updates its children internal shader once at the scene initialization instead of each frame. The internal shader is responsible of rendering state such as lighting, texturing blending and so forth.
  • Change: improve the detection of LUA compilation errors by displaying the syntax error line.
  • Change: updated the LUA scripting engine with the new version 5.1.
  • Change: improved the way the rendering core plugin is loaded.
  • Bugfix: when switching cameras, the active skybox was not updated to use the new current camera.
  • Bugfix: in HYP_DrawText function of the lua host api if an empty string was passed as an argument.
  • Bugfix: in camera management. The Up vector was not taken into account. Now in functions such as HYP_Camera.SetViewParams(), you can use the up vector.
  • Bugfix: in the hyperion node. Now Hyperion version is correctly managed. Either you use version_major and version_minor attributes or you use no attribute.
  • Removal: joystick node is not available any more. From now, use the joystick functions of HYP_Input lib.

[::Release 1.3.2 - 2006/04/19::]
  • Feature: added new average_normals attribute to mesh and model nodes. This attribute has the same effect than remove_seam. average_normals comes from Maya terminology.
  • Bugfix: in the remove_seam attribute of model node: normals were not updated at all!

[::Release 1.3.1 - 2006/04/16::]
  • Bugfix: in the update of glsl shaders. The HYP_GPUShader.SetConstant_4x4f() function of the LUA host API was effectless due to an overwriting by the values set in the XML code.
  • Bugfix: in FSAA initialization: now shadow volumes work with full scene antialiasing.
  • Feature: added display_shadow_silhouette and display_shadow_volume attributes to mesh node. Useful to visualize silhouette and shadow volume for debugging meshes.

[::Release 1.3.0 - 2006/03/26::]
  • Feature: added display_hyperion_logo attribute in scene node. Now you can control the displaying of Hyperion brand logo!
  • Feature: added CreateBox() and CreatePlane() to HYP_Mesh lib.
  • Feature: added UpdateVertexNormalField() and UpdateFaceNormalField() to HYP_Mesh lib.
  • Feature: added vertex_normal_field and face_normal_field elements to mesh node.
  • Feature: added GetVertexAttrib() function to HYP_Mesh lib.
  • Feature: added element filling_color in texture node.
  • Feature: added new shape to mesh node: box element.

[::Release 1.2.1 - 21.03.2006::]
  • Bugfix: in SLI initialization. Old graphics chipsets and/or old drivers were not managed correctly.
  • Bugfix: in mesh disc and mesh ring the normals were reversed and not initialized.
  • Change: Hyperion version is not used anymore. Now, use version_major and version_minor attributes in hyperion root node.

[::Release 1.2.0 - 2006/03/11::]
  • Feature: added vs_tex_samplers and ps_tex_samplers attributes to check_hardware_caps element of scene node to check the number of texture samplers in shaders.
  • Feature: added ati_3dc attributes to check_hardware_caps element of scene node to check ATI 3Dc texture compression support.
  • Feature: added NvSliGetNumGpus(), NvSliSetState(), NvSliGetState(), NvSliSetMode() and NvSliGetMode() to HYP_Scene lua lib in order to interact with SLI.
  • Feature: added the support of nVidia SLI graphics controllers. You can control this feature using the nv_sli element of scene node.
  • Feature: added support of ATI 3Dc texture compression (thanx to the cool shop which has lent me a X800XL for the integration in the oZone3D Engine).
  • Feature: added GetFaceNormal(), FlipNormals() and CastRay() to HYP_Mesh LUA lib.
  • Feature: added GetDimensions() function to HYP_Texture lib.
  • Feature: now there are two new attributes in check_hardware_caps element of scene node: npot attribute for NPOT regular texture and npot_rect for texture rectangles.
  • Remove the npotd attribute of check_hardware_caps element (scene node).
  • Feature: support of NPOT dimensions regular textures. This new feature is different than the npot texture rectangle previously added since NPOT regular texture can use normalized texture coordinates and support all regular texture features.
  • Change: now the HYP_Mesh.GetElevation() returns two values: the face elevation and the face index.
  • Bugfix: in floating point textures for NV arch. Now the internal pixel format is GL_RGBA_FLOAT32_ATI instead of GL_FLOAT_RGBA32_NV. This works fine with NPOTD texture rectangles and regular POTD textures. I don't know why but floating point textures is still a real pain!

[::Release 1.1.0 - 2006/01/25::]
  • Feature: Added FBO interface in HYP_Scene LUA lib through HYP_Scene.FboXXXX() set of functions.
  • Feature: added hardware_target to shader_program node. Now you can run a glsl shader on a specific graphics controller (ATI or nVidia).
  • Feature: added use_fbo_for_rtt and fbo_attachment_point attributes to texture node. The global functionnality of version 1.0.2 is now local to each texture.
  • Removal: use_fbo attribute of scene node introduced in version 1.0.2.
  • Feature: now all texture functions in HYP_Texture lib can take a numeric identifier (tid) to reference a texture.
  • Feature: Added new set of functions in HYP_Texture LUA lib to manage manually texture creation, destruction, loading, initialization and reading.
  • Feature: Added support of 1D texture. 1D texture is useful to get easily an array of number in pixel shaders.
  • Feature: Added support of NPOTD (Non Power Of Two Dimension) textures. Currently only nVidia hardware support them.
  • Feature: Added support of floating point textures - new enum value in texture node: RGBA_32F.
  • Feature: added HYP_GetGCModelString() to lua host api.
  • Bugfix: in hyperion-lua compiler. Now the script syntax is correctly controlled.
  • Bugfix: in 'Recent Hypergraphs' menu management.
  • Change: Update with the latest libxml v2.6.23.
  • Change: new version of Notepad++ 3.4.
  • Change: attribute oglsl in scene.check_hardware_caps node is now renamed in glsl.

[::Release 1.0.4 - 2005/12/08::]
  • Feature: added 'Recent Hypergraphs' in File menu for a faster access to latest loaded hypergraphs .
  • Feature: added inertia to camera movements. You can control inertia with linear_speed, inertia_linear_damping and inertia attributes of camera node.
  • Feature: added new camera navigation mode: QUAKE_LIKE.
  • Feature: added HYP_GetGCVendorString(), HYP_IsATI() and HYP_IsNVIDIA() to LUA host API.
  • Feature: added HYP_Model.SetCloningMode() and HYP_Mesh.SetCloningMode() to LUA host API.
  • Feature: added SetRelativeTransformMatrix() to HYP_Object lib.
  • Feature: version attribute of hyperion root node is now used. You can specify with this attribute the minimal version of Hyperion that must be used.
  • Feature: added CopyVerticesList() to HYP_Mesh LUA lib.
  • Feature: added HYP_GetBaseDir() to LUA Host API. This fonction is useful to get the base directory of main xml script for LUA loading functions.
  • Bugfix: in mesh cloning. The mesh name was not copied correctly.

[::Release 1.0.2 - 2005/11/22::]
  • Feature: added the support of FBO (Framebuffer Object). You can use FBO for RTT (Render To Texture) by using use_fbo attribute of scene node.
  • Change: improve texture reflexion code.
  • Feature: added vertex_attrib attribute to ambient_occlusion_lighting element of model node. Now you can choose the vertex attrib index in which you store ambient occlusion data (1 to 5).
  • Feature: added SetProgramForAmbientPass() function to HYP_GPUShader library of LUA host API.
  • Feature: added shader_program_name_for_ambient_pass attribute to material node. Now you can specify a gpu-shader for shadow volume ambient pass.
  • Feature: added frustum_culling_test_shape attribute to camera node.
  • Bugfix: due to some aggressive optimizations in particle standard code path, the point_sprite code path did not run anymore. It works fine now!
  • Bugfix: in font rendering when texture reflexions are used.
  • Feature: added the detection of graphics hardware in the check_hardware_caps element of scene node. Now you can limit the execution of the demo on a specific hardware (nVidia or ATI).

[::Release 1.0.0 - 2005/10/17::]
  • Feature: Hyperion 1.0.0 is out!

GeeXLab demos

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Raymarching in GLSL

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