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The <timer> node


The timer node makes it possible to set up an entity (the TIMER) which starts an event at regular intervals. Generally the event is a LUA scripting code.

General syntax

	active="TRUE"  />

timer element

timer is the xml tag that defines a timer node.

  • name - [STR127] - name of the node. This name will make it possible to refer this node throughout the XML script.

  • active - [BOOLEAN] - enables (TRUE) or disables (FALSE) the timer - default value: TRUE

  • script - [STR255] - location of the script timer to be executed at each timer time-out. The site relates to the xml script. This name can also refer to an already existing LUA script in the XML code.

  • time_out - [INTEGER] - time of the timer in milliseconds. As soon as the time corresponding to the time-out is passed, the script that is specified within the script attribute is executed - default value: 1000

<timer name="timer02" script="on_timer02_lua" time_out="10" active="TRUE" /> 

<script name="on_timer02_lua" run_mode="ASYNCHRONOUS" >
	HYP_Object.SetRoll( "plane2", -0.2 );

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