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Code Sample 61  

This code sample shows how to build a simple hierarchy. It shows a part of the solar system featuring the sun, the earth and the moon. It also shows how to remove the mesh seam.

Keywords: add_child - remove_seam - spin_values - gizmo - mesh - sphere

Code Sample 67  

This code shows how to add a child to the camera. Here, we use the famous jackolan 3D model, but any kind of model can be used to get this kind of result.

Keywords: camera - add_child - mesh - model

Code Sample 73  

This code shows how to declare several submeshes of a 3D model. It shows how to remove the original hierarchy and build a new one to totally control each part of the model. The project shows how to achieve a simple animation of each part of the model based on the new built hierarchy and using an embedded LUA scripting code. It uses basic function of the Hyperion-LUA API.

Keywords: model - mesh - remove_child - add_child - shape_type - parent_name - auto_spin - spin_values - pivot_position - LUA

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